The London Marathon: 020 7902 0200

The London Marathon is held annually in Spring in the UK capital, with over 50000 runners accepted each year. You can phone the organisers of the marathon by calling their telephone number 020 7902 0200 for entries, for confirmation of timing results and for charity donations.

The London Marathon is the largest annual running event held in the United Kingdom with upwards of 50000 runners alongside countless spectators cheering them on. Some of the world’s finest long-distance athletes kick off the day competing for the prestigious title as well as world record times. They are then followed by members of the general public from all over the world. Many of these runners run on behalf of a charity close to their hearts thus they often seek sponsorship donations from friends and family before they run. Although most entrants have to pay a fee to run the course a limited number of charity places are offered throughout the year. The date of the London Marathon varies yearly however it is usually on a Sunday morning in the Spring, for example in 2016 the marathon was run on Sunday 24th April.


London Marathon phone number – 020 7902 0200

You can phone the London Marathon organisers by calling their general enquiries contact number 020 7902 0200 to confirm your entry, to check the route and to get guidelines on how you should train to prepare for the 26 miles of running. Moreover if your entry was unsuccessful you can call this helpline to enter the ballot for the following year’s event. Calling this London telephone number will cost you the same as making an equivalent call to any other 01 or 02 phone number, which means you can even call them for free if you have inclusive minutes as part of your landline tariff or mobile contract.


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